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( The “knowledge blackout” is aimed at protecting the Internet – and the website’s very existence – from online censorship, which many are equating to a complete disregard of due process.

The blackout of one of the world’s most-visited websites is meant to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act, two controversial anti-piracy bills currently on the table in the US Congress. Lawmakers argue the bills will protect copyrighted material, but many, including founder and executive director Aaron Swartz, believe it will change the rules for the Internet not just in the United States, but around the world.

“Under this bill, the rules totally change,” Swartz told RT. “It makes everyone who runs a website into a policeman. And if they don’t do their job of making sure nobody on their site uses it for anything that’s even potentially illegal, the entire site could get shut down – without even so much as a trial.”

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( Goldman Sachs will stoke the fury over bankers’ bonuses this week when it increases the proportion of revenues paid to staff despite what could be its worst year for earnings since 1999.

The bank – which will report its final results for 2011 on Wednesday – has already set aside 44 per cent of the $22.76bn (£14.89bn) of revenues it generated during the first nine months of the year to pay staff. The lion’s share will be shared by a small number of elite level “partners”.

If pay remains at that level in the fourth quarter, the final compensation ratio will show a significant rise over the 39.3 per cent of revenues handed out by Goldman in 2010, when the total pay out was $15.38bn.

Although the average salary for the first nine months enjoyed by Goldman employees is down to $292,397 from $370.056 in the first three quarters of 2010, that the bankers’ share of revenue is rising will anger critics.

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( Martin Luther King, Jr. organized an “Occupy DC” protest shortly before his assassination to bring attention to economic inequality.

Today, protesters honored Dr. King’s vision by staging occupy protests at Federal Reserve banks all over the country. For background on today’s protests, see this, this, this, this and this.

AP notes:

The “Occupy the Dream” coalition is calling for a National Day of Action to mark Martin Luther King Day today.

Leaders are calling for demonstrations outside all 13 Federal Reserve Banks across the country.

Two members of the coalition’s national steering committee, Benjamin Chavis Jr., and the Reverend Jamal Bryant, say the effort will be led by prominent members of the African American clergy, Occupy Wall Street participants, students and others concerned about income inequality and economic justice in America.

Bryant says Occupy Wall Street has snatched the torch of Dr. King and reignited in America the flame that was seen in Tunisia and Egypt — to spotlight poverty as a critical issue.

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