Anonymous – Operation Sandstorm

Greetings citizens of the world,

We are anonymous.
the governments continue to push for full domination and control of our Internet by signing ACTA.
While most of you sit and do nothing we fight for the freedom of information and the freedom of the internet.
This is a call to arms to every man and woman , if actions will not take place as soon as possible this war will be lost. we call each and everyone of you to join us in operation Sand Storm Which will come to action on the fifth of February.
We will take down European government websites
Now you may ask yourselves how can you help?it is simple , look for anonymous groups and websites online , learn the basics of what is needed to know to help save the internet and humanity as we know it.
it is quite simple actually , connect to a VPN or any secure IP method available to you , turn on a program which you will be instructed on how to use and that is it , simple as that.
look for pages on your social network websites that you are using such as Facebook, Twitter and much more. look for anonymous websites that can provide you with the information needed.
again , it is only a VPN and a program of you’re choosing such is HOIC , LOIC , Slowloris and much more which are posted online.
non of this is illegal , these programs are not hacking tools , but they are enough to help us to what is needed.
we ask you to join us in this operation for the sake of the internet and the freedom of information.
we , the people have the power to control our governments.
when the government tries to shut down the internet we will shut down our governments.
we won’t be silenced , we won’t be threatened by no one.
no one will claim rights for the internet , and no one will take our freedom.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
join us…

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