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( on Feb 29, 2012 It’s a day of mass protests across the EU, as people rail against austerity, cuts and economic hardships – which they say are not their fault. Fresh demonstration are brewing across Greece – as the government seeks to implement the drastic austerity measures that came with the latest EU bailout. The demonstrations will be synchronous with those in Spain – where people are angry at their own draconian cuts and bleak prospects.

( Is Anonymous advocating violent revolution for the United States?

Anonymous declares war on the U.S. government: A new video release from those claiming to represent the international Internet hacktivist collective known as Anonymous seems to be advocating for a violent revolution in the U.S. This declaration of war is identified as “Operation V.”

Operation V raises concerns and questions. Many reject the legitimacy of the operation because a “call to arms,” if taken literally, is a call to violence; and Anonymous has practiced, and preached, an ethic of non-violence.

Indeed, up to this point in time Anonymous has been passionately non-violent, and a harsh critic of law enforcement and other government authorities that resort to violence to silence protest and censor free speech. Operation V seems to abandon this core commitment to non-violence, which leaves many questioning the operation’s legitimacy.

Some speculate that Operation V is a false flag, an operation being promoted in order to discredit and ultimately harm the powerful movement Anonymous represents. If Anonymous is portrayed as a violent group, they may be classified as terrorists, and thus be silenced and intimidated.

In addition, Anonymous currently enjoys a great deal of public support. However, many will abandon that support if it is perceived that Anonymous is embracing violence as a legitimate response to disputes.

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( Interpol’s main website has been downed by the Anonymous hacker group in retaliation for the international police agency’s hacker arrests worldwide. And such attacks will continue, the hacktivists promise.

­The website was unreachable for a half hour on Wednesday. Access was later restored, although the loading time remains slow. The attack appears to have been conducted using a botnet. Anonymous Twitter accounts tweeted “ seems to be #TangoDown. We can’t say that this surprises us much,” and “Looks like is having some traffic issues. Now who would have expected that?”

The attacks came as Interpol announced the arrests of 25 suspected Anonymous members, aged between 17 and 40, who it alleges planned coordinated cyber-attacks against Colombia’s defense ministry and presidential websites, Chile’s Endesa electricity company and national library, among other targets. The arrests were part of Operation Unmask, during which police in Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Spain seized computers, mobile phones, credit cards and cash at 40 locations in 15 cities.

Among the 25 under arrest are four Anonymous hackers detained by police in Spain on Tuesday under claims that they conducted attacks on Spanish political party websites. The Spanish National Police also said two servers in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic had been blocked as part of Operation Unmask, and that a manager of Anonymous operations in Spain and Latin America, known by the aliases Thunder and Pacotron, was among those arrested.

The four are also suspected of vandalizing websites, conducting DDoS attacks and publishing sensitive data on police officers assigned to Spain’s royal palace and its prime minister’s office.

Anonymous has added Interpol’s scalp to its already impressive collection of successfully downed websites.

Their most notable operation up to date was the response to the closing down of the Megaupload file sharing service. In retaliation, Anonymous attacked the websites of the White House, after succeeding in taking down the websites of the CIA, FBI, Department of Justice, Universal Music Group, RIAA and Motion Picture Association of America.

In another headline-making case, WikiLeaks released over 5 million emails of the private intelligence company Stratfor, dubbed the “shadow CIA.” Reports say Wikileaks obtained the data through the Anonymous network.

A message spread by an Anonymous spokesperson said the group intends to continue attacks for the “unforeseeable future”.

A Twitter message reportedly associated with the Brazilian wing of the group said “Interpol, you can’t take Anonymous. It’s an idea.”

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