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( In Hungary, IT workers retire at 32 and get pensions equal to 150 per cent of their salaries. That’s according to Anonymous’ version of the Hungarian Constitution, which they posted after hacking the website of the Constitutional Court.

­“Ideals and rulers of tyranny, or dictators represent but short periods of history. The people have the right to eliminate tyranny or rebel against it,” said the “new constitution” written by the Anonymous hacker group.

The hackers have made their own adjustments to basic Hungarian law. Thus, according to the group’s version of the constitution, IT workers not only get to retire early on a luxurious pension, but are also exempted from paying tax.

The text of Anonymous’ “ideal” constitution was swiftly removed from the court’s website.

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( The suspected leader of the hacking group Lulzsec has pleaded guilty to carrying out high profile attacks on several companies.

Hector Xavier Monsegur had been charged with conspiracy to engage in computer hacking according to unsealed court papers filed in Manhattan.

Reuters reports that the charges were filed via “a criminal information”.

The news agency says that suggests that the suspect – nicknamed Sabu – had co-operated with the government.

US law enforcement officers have said a total of five people were either under arrest or being sought.

Irish police added that they have arrested one man in connection with Lulzsec’s activities and are holding him at a south Dublin police station.

The Press Association reported that police officers in Britain have also been involved in the crackdown.

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