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( Greek riot police attack protesting school teachers in the capital Athens on the eve of Independence Day celebrations, making 29 arrests.

Scuffles broke out on Saturday just before the start of pupils’ parade, held on the eve of the Independence Day in the capital every year, as the riot police blocked the demonstrators advancing towards the Syntagma Square, Kathimerini, an English-language daily published in Athens, reported.

March 25 marks the start of the Greek Revolution in 1821 and the country celebrates the day with a military parade.

Authorities have implemented massive security measures over fears that protesters, outraged at the government-applied austerity measures, could disrupt the celebrations.

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) Anti-war activists have held a day of action in key British cities to warn the authorities against a potential attack on Iran. A similar rally is expected in the capital of Israel, which is leading calls to strike over Tehran’s nuclear programme. Campaigners fear the mounting pressure could escalate into all-out war, the effects of which would reverberate globally. RT talks to British MP Jeremy Corbyn, who’s also a member of the ‘Stop the War Coalition’, which organised the UK protests.

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