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(digitaljournal.comMadrid – Most educational institutions, at all levels, closed today as teachers and students took to the streets to protest austerity cuts.

Through the recent austerity measures, the Spanish government plans to cut billions of euros from educational sector expenses.

Up to one million teachers and seven million students, from every level – elementary schools to universities – are out protesting these cuts. The strike is taking place in all but three of the seventeen regions of Spain.

With Spain struggling to cut its deficit, with fear of needing a bailout as Greece, Ireland and Portugal have done, billions of euros in cuts have been planned. This will mean fewer teachers, more students per class, and less extra-curricular activities. It will also mean higher costs for university tuition, which could possibly make such tuition out of the range of the average Spaniard.

Overall the cuts would reduce government subsidies on education by more than 20%.

Unions say that worsening educational conditions and mass teacher layoffs can only make the situation in the country worse.

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( A short biography of Russian anarchist, often described as the founding father of collectivist anarchism, Mikhail Bakunin.

Escape from Siberia

In 1861 he made a dramatic escape and returned to Europe by way of Japan, the Panama Canal and San Francisco! For the next three years he threw himself into the struggle for Polish independence. Then he began to rethink his ideas. Would national independence, in itself, lead to liberty for working people? This took him away from nationalism and towards anarchism.

In 1868 he joined the International Working Men’s Association (also known as the First International), a federation of radical and trade union organisations with sections in most European countries. Very rapidly his ideas developed and he became a famous exponent of anarchism. While agreeing with much of Marx’s economic theory, he rejected his authoritarian politics and the major division within the International was between the anarchists and the Marxists.

While Marx believed that socialism could be built by taking over the state, Bakunin looked forward to its destruction and the creation of a new society based on free federations of free workers. This soon became the policy of the International in Italy and Spain, and grew in popularity in Switzerland, Belgium and France. After failing to defeat the anarchist idea, Marx and his followers resorted to a campaign of smears and lies against Bakunin.

A movement is born

A committee set up to investigate the charges found, by a majority, Bakunin guilty and voted to expel him. The Swiss section called a further congress, where the charges were found to be false. An international conference also vindicated Bakunin, and went on to adopt the anarchist position of rejecting any rule by a minority.

Defeated, Marx and his followers moved the General Council of the International to New York where it faded into irrelevance. The ideas developed by Bakunin in the last decade of his life went on to form the basis of the modern anarchist movement. Worn out by a lifetime of struggle, Bakunin died in Switzerland on July 1st 1876.

His legacy is enormous. Although he wrote manifestos, articles and books he never finished a single sizable work. Being primarily an activist he would stop, sometimes literally in mid-sentence, to play his part in struggles, strikes and rebellions. What he left to posterity is a collection of fragments. Even so, his writings are full of insights that are as relevant today as they were in his time.

The danger of dictatorship

While understanding that ideas and intellectuals have an important role to play in the revolution, a role of education and articulating people’s needs and desires, he issued a warning. He cautioned them against trying to take power and create a dictatorship of the proletariat. The notion that a small group of people, no matter how well meaning, could execute a coup d’etat for the benefit of the majority was a heresy against common sense. Long before the Russian revolution he warned that a new class of intellectuals and semi-intellectuals might seek to step into the shoes of the landlords and bosses, and deny working people their freedom.

In 1873 he foretold, with great accuracy, that under the dictatorship of the proletariat of the Marxists the party leaders would concentrate the reins of government in a strong hand and divide the masses into two great armies – industrial and agricultural – under the direct command of state engineers who will constitute a new privileged scientific and political class.

Bakunin understood that government is the means by which a minority rules. In so far as ‘political power’ means the concentration of authority in a few hands, he declared, it must be abolished. Instead there must be a ‘social revolution’ which will change the relationship between people and place power in the hands of the masses through their own federation of voluntary organisations.

It is necessary to abolish completely and in principle and in practice, everything that may be called political power, for as long as political power exists there will always be rulers and ruled, masters and slaves, exploiters and exploited.

Who now can say he was not right?

By the Workers Solidarity Movement


( Anonymous targets Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg after new Activision game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2portrays Anonymous as the enemy.

A recently released trailer for the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 video game portrays Anonymous hacktivists as cyber terrorists and an enemy of the people. The trailer, released Tuesday, May 1, is creating quite a stir because of the negative portrayal of Anonymous.

IBT reports:

Included in the trailer is a single shot of an unidentified person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, the unofficial symbol of Anonymous, shown while the narrator explains that “the enemy can be anywhere and can be anyone.”

Anonymous has greeted the news that they are to be the villains in the new Call of Duty game with humor and a lust for vengeance. Already Anonymous has “doxed” (released the personal information of) Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg via AnonPaste. The following is an excerpt from that paste:

So Activision Why you done goofed? We are not the enemy but, well you want it you got it.
Eric Hirshberg DOX. #OpPirateAllActivision

We Are Antisec.
We Are Antis3curityops.
We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Dear Eric.
What ever did you think?
Expect us.

In addition to the dox of Activision CEO Hirshberg, the release also mentions “#OpPirateAllActivision” which may foreshadow some rough seas ahead for Activision in the near future.

The following is a sample of posts found in Facebook streams associated with Anonymous on Wednesday, May 2:

Anonymous If #Anonymous are the bad guys in CoD how will it be an FPS (first person shooter) anymore? We do nawt fight with gunz. We haz lazerz 4 dat.Anonyops So… if Anonymous is the bad guy in the new Black Ops… How do you win the game? You can’t kill an idea.

Anonymous via Anonymous Revolution Via: AntiSec.

>Activision hires THE OLIVER NORTH.>Oliver North sets Anonymous as the bad guys.>Oliver North did Iran-Contras weapons deal.>Oliver North is almost solely responsible for crack and cocaine in the united states due to the Iran-Contra deals during the 80’s.>How many people were killed directly or indirectly ’cause of Oliver North?>So a Corrupt Gov. official is setting up Anonymous as the bad guys>Cue PR scandal shitstorm for Activision.>MFW We see this.>Eric deserves his Dox.>make sure they hear your voice.>AntiS3curityOPS.


Anonymous via AntiSec. ‎”Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg why o why do you try to make a psyop to make Anonymous seem like the “bad guys”?Okay.Here is his dox.Eric you’ve don goofed.Eric Hirshberg dox: him our love ;)#OpPirateAllActivisionAntiS3curityOPS.”

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