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( As the SOPA debate rages on in Congress, the brightest minds of the Internet are already taking decisive steps toward building a new, alternative Internet which would remain untouchable by the corporations currently threatening to tear apart the fabric and soul of the Internet we know and love. For more on SOPA and the threat it represents, have a read of one of my older articles, here.

This new, decentralized (sound familiar?) Internet would not rely on corporate-controlled Internet Service Providers or be subject to the whims of increasingly undemocratic US government regulation, but would depend on its worldwide userbase for maintaining its infrastructure.

The key to the implementation of the so-called “Meshnet” is the establishment of a sufficiently powerful network of nodes. While a completely voluntary system would be ideal, the costs associated with the construction and operation of these nodes would be non-trivial; an incentivized system would be far more effective.

Enter Bitcoin and BitSyncom.
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