Egyptians flood Tahrir Square in anti Mursi protest (update: Egypt’s Morsi ousted)

(via Reflections on a Revolution) BREAKING – Egypt’s leading newspaper Al-Ahram quoted a presidency source on its website saying that the army has informed (former) President Morsi that as of 17:00 GMT (7pm local time) he is no longer president of Egypt. The chief of Egyptian armed forces, Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, is currently speaking live on Egyptian television. More updates will follow shortly. ‎#June30 ‎#Tahrir ‎#Egypt

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(nbcnews) Egypt’s military gives Morsi 48-hour ultimatum, threatens to intervene

CAIRO – Egypt’s military on Monday said mass protests calling for the resignation of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi were an “unprecedented” expression of the will of the people and gave the government 48 hours to meet the opposition’s demands.

In a statement read on state television just hours after the headquarters of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood movement were ransacked, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said if this did not happen the army would intervene.

The protesters’ main demands are that Morsi announce early elections and step down, allowing a temporary government to take over.

  1. Millions have taken to the streets across Egypt to demand the resignation of President Morsi on the first anniversary of his inauguration. READ MORE — ‘Biggest protest in Egypt’s history’

  2. via Global Revolution LIVE /fb > Yasmine Akef’s photography ©
    SHARE IT! Let’s show the world what we’re made of – Unbelievable view of protestors on Kasr el Nile Bridge heading to Tahrir Square #June30 #tamarod #rebellion #yourtimeisupmorsy

  3. > Egyptian military source told Reuters that as many as 14 million people in the nation of 84 million took part in Sunday’s protests across the country. Despite no independent way to verify this estimate, some international media outlets have said that this could have been the largest demonstartion seen in the history of the world – LIVE UPDATES

  4. via europeans against the political system @ fb
    Tahrir Square continue million mass protests as clock ticks on army deadline.

  5. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Arrested By Military, As the People Rage At Obama

    Egyptian sources report that senior officials in the Muslim Brotherhood have been placed under house arrest and the military is securing strategic facilities across the country.

    But as Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Leader are arrested by the military, the People Rage at Obama for his perceived support of Morsi. Predictably, the Obama administration’s efforts to practive a “nuanced” foreign policy end up leaving America worse off than it could otherwise be. While trying to resist any impression that it is involved in Egypt’s affairs, it is projecting the image of indifference to the plight and the wishes of the Egyptian people. As a result, anti-Obama sentiment (and, by extension, anti-American sentiment) is in evidence…

    Read more:

  6. (RT) Tahrir: Egypt’s Morsi ousted, Cairo explodes in fireworks

    President Mohamed Morsi has been stripped of his power by the Egyptian army and the constitution has been suspended, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said in a statement. Egypt’s chief justice of the constitutional court will become the interim president. Fireworks were set off over Cairo’s Tahrir Square and across the city in celebration.

  7. IT IS NOT A COUP – “This was not a military coup d’étât. At least not in the ordinary sense of the word. After all, even if the Muslim Brotherhood did at times seek to directly confront the military’s political influence, the military’s top command remained one of the dominant political and economic players even after Egypt’s first free and fair elections. It never took over state power because it never truly relinquished it..”


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