Tor is still using “NSA crackable” crypto keys, researcher says

( After the revelation of NSA that they SPY, most of the internet users started to use TOR (The anonymity network) to keep their privacy secure and according to a report TOR users doubled after the NSA revelation by Snowden. But do you know one the CRYPTO using by TOR is still NSA crackable, it is revealed by Rob Graham, CEO of penetration testing firm Errata Security.

His conclusion says that TOR still uses 1024 RSA/DH keys for much of its crypto particularly because most people are still using older versions of the software. The older 2.3 versions of Tor uses keys the NSA can crack, but few have upgraded to the newer 2.4 version with better keys.

How Graham came to know about the Crypto (TOR is using):

He ran a ”hostile” exit node on TOR and started to record the encryption which was negotiated by the incoming connection (the external link encryption, not the internal circuits).About 76 percent of the 22,920 connections he polled used some form of 1024-bit Diffie-Hellman key. The analysis came a day after revelations the NSA can circumvent much of the encryption used on the Internet. While no one knows for sure exactly what the NSA is capable of cracking, educated speculation has long made a case that the keys Graham observed are within reach of the US spy agency.

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