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( It turns out there’s a method behind the FBI’s raids of suspected Anonymous members around the country. The bureau is working from  list, provided by PayPal, of the 1,000 internet IP addresses responsible for the most protest traffic during Anonymous’ DDoS attacks against PayPal last December.

FBI agents served 40 search warrants in January on people suspected of hosing down PayPal during  ”Operation Payback” —  Anonymous’ retaliatory attack against companies who blacklisted WikiLeaks. On July 19, the feds charged the first 14 defendants under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and raided an additional 35 suspects for evidence.

An FBI affidavit first published Tuesday by an NBC affiliate in Dallas lays out how the FBI decided on its targets, and suggests the bureau may have  plenty more.

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To fellow users of the Internet:
Anonymous has a grave announcement to make to all users of the World Wide Web.
The Internet you have come to take for granted has once again come under attack.
Several interest groups have been successfully lobbying to consolidate internet
censorship within the United States.  They are rallying for the right to remove any
websites they deem “inappropriate” and, ultimately, for the ability to remove any
content that disagrees with their profit margins, personal whims, or other agendas.
This new initiative is called the PROTECT IP Act:
This bill would allow the US Government to force ISPs and search engines to
censor websites they do not like under the guise of “copyright protection”.
Instead of reducing piracy, this bill endangers the free flow of information.
Through domain seizures, ISP blockades, search engine censorship, and the
restriction of funding to websites accused of infringement, this bill promises to
take Internet censorship to the next level. Furthermore, it violates the citizens
‘ rights to due process, to free speech, to free expression and to legal
representation at their hearing.
The Internet is a place where anyone and everyone can come together freely
to share information and opinions. The freedom the Internet provides has
served as a global aid for tens of millions of people in places like Egypt, Tunisia
and Iran, to name a few. All of this has been accomplished largely without
interference from corporations, governments, or any other global institutions until now.
We must unite and stand up to those who wish to censor the Internet.
We must not allow them the freedom to moderate information and decide what we are
“permitted” to view.
We must protect what is rightfully ours.
We must protect the rights of the Internet.
You Are Anonymous
You are legion
You can not forgive this.
You can not forget this.
Expect eRevolution.

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Wikileaks cyber attack youth released from custody

Thursday 16 December 2010

The 16-year-old youth arrested last week in connection with a cyber attack on the website of credit card companies Mastercard and Visa has been released from detention

The youth was remanded in custody for 13 days at a court hearing last week. But the public prosecution department said on Thursday it no longer needs to hold the youth. He has admitted helping bring the websites to a standstill.


(guardian) The actions against MasterCard and Amazon are not ‘hacking’. People are just finding a way to protest in a digital space

The Anonymous web protests over WikiLeaks are the internet equivalent of a mass demonstration. It’s a mistake to call them hacking (playful cleverness) or cracking (security breaking). The LOIC program that is being used by the group is prepackaged so no cleverness is needed to run it, and it does not break any computer’s security. The protesters have not tried to take control of Amazon’s website, or extract any data from MasterCard. They enter through the site’s front door, and it just can’t cope with the volume. read more…

Open Letter from ANONYMOUS


We are ANONYMOUS. Because many of you seem to think the very fact of our existence is indeed rather confusing, we would like to take this opportunity to elucidate to you what it is ANONYMOUS is and does exactly – what it means we are ANONYMOUS, what it is we’re aiming at, and what is our ontological status.

Now first and foremost, it is important to realize that ANONYMOUS – in fact – does not exist. It is just an idea – an internet meme – that can be appropriated by anyone, anytime to rally for a common cause that’s in the benefit of humankind.

This means anyone can launch a new ideological message or campaign under the banner of ANONYMOUS. Anyone can take up a leading role in the spreading of the ANON-consciousness.

Whether or not these appropriations are legitimate is decided by the rest of the internet citizenry : If the majority of the public agrees with a proposed appropriation, then the public will act – If the majority of the public disagrees with a proposed appropriation, then the public will protest and label the message in question as illegitimate and thus not representative of the values of ANONYMOUS.

This makes ANONYMOUS the first truly democratic endeavour in the world. It is a bee-hive where the queen is missing – yet buzzing with activity in every possible form, direction, shape and colour one could possibly imagine.

This does not mean, however, that there can’t be ‘bad’ actions presented as coming from ANONYMOUS. Just as with ‘bad’ speech though, we believe the solution to these issues is not less speech, but more speech – not less (or restrictive) action, but more (and constructive) action.

ANONYMOUS believes the only legitimate form of power is that power which rests on widespread public consent, and so there is not one person or group of people who can ever claim to be ANONYMOUS.

Anonymous is not a political current, nor is it based on a political current. Some may say that it’s anarchism, liberalism, communism, libertarianism, etc. – others say it’s nothing but a bunch of twelve-year olds from 4chan having fun on the internet. Anonymous is none of those – yet it encompasses elements of all these things and many, many more.

ANONYMOUS is the people and the people is ANONYMOUS. ANONYMOUS is anything and everything, anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere.

Moreover, anyone taking part in the actions of ANONYMOUS endeavours to defend an idea through anonymous collective action, and not to promote themselves as some kind of hero or saviour of the world. ANONYMOUS, therefore is not about personal achievement and recognition. It is about accomplishing goals for the betterment of humankind – together – as a species.

The Internet has changed the way we look at each other and the world. New technology has enabled people to communicate faster and more often. ANONYMOUS realizes that this freedom of information makes people more free to decide what they like or disagree with.

This freedom of information has forever changed how society perceives consensus, democracy, transparency, and freedom itself. Never before has society been able to have these debates twenty four hours a day, at all locations at the same time.

ANONYMOUS applauds these developments and will defend humanity against anyone willing to take this new-found freedom away. We do not forgive censorship, and we do not forget that knowledge is free. Moreover, we are legion, so we will not be denied.

The more they repress us, the more we will fight back. Because we are more than one. Because they can find and persecute one man or woman fighting for a cause – but not hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe, fighting for a more just and transparent society.

Now please take up your personal responsibility !

Show the world some loving and be ANONYMOUS !