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() on Sep 21, 2011 – Palestinians are cheering on their leader’s attempts to win membership to the UN General Assembly, with massive rallies across the West Bank. Moscow has backed the bid, saying Palestinians deserve a right to put their case. But the U.S. is doing all it can to halt that presentation, claiming it will veto the move unless Palestinians and Israelis launch new talks. RT’s Paula Slier reports from Ramallah.

( on Sep 9, 2011 – Palestinians have started their campaign for statehood ahead of the upcoming United Nations vote. They carried a letter to the UN mission in Ramallah, saying their rallies will continue until Palestine becomes a member state. Washington meanwhile says it will veto any such bid if it comes to the U.N. Security Council. RT discusses this with Akiva Eldar, chief political commentator for Haaretz newspaper in Tel Aviv.